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Layla had looked in her closet, and tried out every outfit she had owned in order to get ready for this date. She even went so far as to have her mother fix her hair for her. Four hours later she was finally ready, and came walking down the stairs to the expectant Joseph, who had been waiting for her in her living room. Hanging out with her parents for the past half hour. It slipped past Layla's attention that he seemed a bit pissy for having to wait for so long, and with her parents nonetheless. Layla was just way too excited to be going out, and with a boy who actually seemed interested in her. With him was Penelope, who Layla could hear laughing and talking to Joe, and her parents all the way upstairs in her room, which was all the way at the back of the house.

So, with a broad smile on her face, Layla finally slipped down the stairs and into the living room with an excited, wild smile on her face. She was feeling edgy, and full of so many emotions at the moment. She had yet to see Warren, if he even decided to show up? She was now worried, genuinely, and intensely worried that he might have left her in the company of both Joe, and Penny. She didn't want to have to split her time with Joe if she didn't have to do so. Since this was their first date, she wanted to get to know him and wanted to get to spend some quality time with him. That would be extremely hard to do if it was him, and Penny both on a date with him. So, nervously she asked all that were standing in the room, "is Warren here yet?" Looking around expectantly. She found that the butterflies that should have been there for Joe were actually there for Warren, which was so odd. Looking up and over their heads, she bit the edge of her glossy pink lips and wrung her hands together wildly as every bad scenario for a first date with another girl flashed through her mind over, and over again. She felt a bit clammy suddenly, and light-headed. Gosh, this was so much pressure! Too much to deal with right then~
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Who: Layla and Warren (for Wartheflame)
Where: Romance dressing room, the City, Warren's place.
Why: She made dinner and is hoping to get to reconnect with Warren.
When: Set a few weeks after her original stay with him, looking for her own place to stay with Warren's help. No matter how awkward it might have been the first time around due to forgetting there were other people in the apartment, that were of the male persuasion, and nearly seeing things, or walking out of the bathroom at awkward times. Thankfully, quick reflexes saved them both on those occasions. J/K LOL
Status: Incomplete.
Rating: Pg-13

Layla had made Warren some Fettucini Alfredo, and herself a nice salad along with some tofu for herself. She had worked long and hard on this dinner, wanting it to be perfect. She wanted a chance to get to talk to him, something she felt she hadn't had much of a chance in doing since she got here. So, she was really excited to say the least. Taking a shower, she put on some sweats, and waited patiently for him to get back from whatever it was that he was doing. Watching television, and reading one of his books while she waited for him to get back.
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Layla had gotten in a lot of good shots, or so she thought she did. Knowing she incapacitated Martini a couple of times, but still...here she was all manner of fucked up. Her hand had a couple of broken fingers, her cheek had a deep knife wound in it, and she had been cut so deeply in her shoulder that they needed to perform surgery to remove the knife that got lodged in the bone. Give her some blood, and watch her because she had been in a comatose state for a long while. Especially since she had been left for dead. Now the house was quiet, and they were working on fixing up the house again. Everyone that got hurt were also taken care of, now...well, now they all had to wait to see if Martini would come back, and they all had to deal with the aftermath. Layla was trying to be strong, and a large part of her was so thankful that Warren had not been there, or else the house would have been gone. Down in a flame-y fit of destruction. Still, she had no idea how he would react now, seeing her so fucked up. The wheel chair was kind of important since she did not have all of her strength back. Layla had to go to the hospital a few times a week to get a check up for the first week, and they also sent a nurse back with her to make sure she could take care of things. Her parents had come to see her, very upset over what happened, but Layla refused to go back home. She had to face her ghosts, and now she just hoped that Warren would not lose it, even though she knew he would. Prepared to use her powers, if need be, to keep the flame thrower a bit subdued, it wasn't just plant growing that she was proficient in.

Sitting outside by the pool, Layla was thinking about all that happened, how she nearly died, big fat tears ran down her cheeks. This was going to be a lot harder then she even cared to admit.
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It had been so long since they both had gone food shopping, Layla couldn't remember what real food looked like, having been ordering out, and her ever expanding ass was the tell all on that little adventure.

"Hey babe, I am going to head to the supermarket, I am so tired of take out, if I see one more take out container, I am going to go nuts. Is there anything you want me to pick up?" Layla asked Warren, who was busy working on something in the bathroom, she thought it was the plumbing in the sink, but she had been so out of touch with him as well, that she lost all thoughts of what wasn't going to hell in a handbasket in their place. Layla rued the day that they would need to clean this place up.


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