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Your Name: Leigh
Character Name: Layla Williams
Fandom: Sky High
If OC, fandom based?:
What Fandom?:
13 things about your muse (used as your intro):
1. (Private) I can control all manner of flora and fauna. I can grow a rain forest in my living room.

2. From the age of 6 years old, I was in love with Will Stronghold. My love for him finally came to fruition during our Homecoming dance, when I was on a date with Warren Peace, a person I found I also had feelings for, but we never got a chance to tell one another.

3. I see Warren almost every day, since he is best friends with Will Stronghold, and with Will, and me having our problems, I find it hard to talk to him or anyone in our group. Can we say awkward!

4. One day I would love to get married, have a few kids. Have the perfect cover story, and be able to fight crime, as well as take my babies to kindergarten.

5. I am still a virgin.

6. When my feelings, my worries, my pains become too much, I love to take off to the local Arboretum, just to check out the trees, hear them talk and tell stories. Listen to them, have them connect with me.

7. I wish to be as powerful, helpful and wonderful as Jetstream and the Commander one day.

8. I want to go to college, so that I may learn business, botany and nutrition. I want to find a better way to help people with no money, eat better for way less. Plus, to help keep the environment safe.

9. I love to play guitar, and sing. I know Warren loves to play guitar too. I would love for us to just sit around and jam. Just to let the stresses of the day melt away.

10. (Private) I am completely, wholeheartedly in love with Warren.

11. (Private)The perfect Hero/Sidekick set up, to me, would be Warren Peace and Myself. I think I could help keep his hot temper a bit more level.

12. If Will and I ever get married, I really hope that his parents do not wish that we too become realtor's, like they are. I really can't handle that kind of pressure.

13. (Private) I wish I knew what I was doing, I wish that I knew who I am supposed to be with, I wish I had all the answers, but I don't.


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Layla S. Williams {Sky High}

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