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56.2 - 13 words/phrases you need to hear.

1) Marry me, Layla. ~From Warren.
2) You are the best friend I ever had. ~From Will.
3) I love you too, Rosie O'Grady, Apple Blossom, Butter Bean, ~ From Dad.
4) Move in with me? ~ From Warren.
5) That was incredible.
6) God you are sexy.
7) Let me run you a bath/Wash your hair.
8) You did a good job out there tonight, Sidekick.
9) We make a great team.
10) Hippie.~ Warren only!
11) Thank you.
12) Anything, and anything that might come along as my life continues on as Mrs. Warren Peace-Williams.
13) Anything and everything my first child will ever say to me.

Layla Williams (RP with Warren Peace, AKA [livejournal.com profile] notcutie.
Fandom: Sky High
Journal [livejournal.com profile] laylaswilliams.
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1. Warren Peace, the love of my life.
2. My parents, Delilah and Robert Williams, my grams and gramps too.
3. Warren's mother. Mrs. Joy Peace.
4. My plants, I can save the rainforests and continue to provide nourishment, oxygen and healing properties to the human race.
5. The Human Race, Animal kind too.
6. Mr Medula, to so that he can help me rebuild the world with his knowledge of all things science.
7. My costume and tools, so I may continue to protect, and guard the world that is left over.
8. All the books, music, poetry, television shows, and DVD's so that the world can retain all the knowledge it has accrued over the years, with something to play the media upon.
9. All of my friends, Will, Mr. and Mrs. Stronghold, Zach and his family, Magenta and hers, Ethan and his....
10. A place to house people, something stable with running water.
11. All the scientists, and people of the world who are trying to make the world a greener place, and ways, and miens in order to make this happen.
12. My sanity, and the sanity of all those people who will be broken and needy.
13. Peace.

Layla Williams (RP with Warren Peace, AKA [livejournal.com profile] notcutie.
Fandom: Sky High
Journal [livejournal.com profile] laylaswilliams.
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13 relationships that matter most.

1) Reconnecting with Warren Peace, and moving into his home.
2) Will Stronghold, he is and will always be my best friend.
3) Josie Stronghold, she is like my second mom.
4) Steve Stronghold, he is like my other father.
5) Warren's mother, and I hope one day she will be my mother -in-law.
6) My mother, she is the coolest woman I have ever met.
7) My father, he cracks me up, loves me like no other, and we watch hockey together.
8) Magenta, she is the Non dairy creamer to my coffee.
9) Zack, he makes me giggle, and smile.
10) Ethan, super sweet, can dance a mean streak, and very smart.
11) The Mayor, for giving us a job to do, helping to keep the world safe.
12) Angel, he is a super sweet guy, and I bet he made a great detective.
13) Faye, a girl I barely knew, who took great care of me. I respect and care for her a lot.

Layla Williams
Fandom: Sky High
Journal [livejournal.com profile] laylaswilliams.
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1. "Bubah?"
2. "Buh buh, buh, buh..."
3. *Slaps hands on ground*
4. *Sucks on chubby fist.*
5. *Plays with foot.*
6. *Sucks on big toe, and drools.*
7. *Cries loudly.*
8. *Crawls around, picks self up to standing position."
8. *Bounces, and giggles*
10. *Falls down onto diapered tushy.*
11. *Cries in surprise.*
12. *Stands again, on wobbly feet. Walks a few steps, then falls back onto tush.*
13. *Cries, throws hands up, like she wants to be picked up.*

Character: Layla Williams/Temporary Baby Layla
Fandom: Sky High 'verse.
Journal [livejournal.com profile] laylaswilliams.


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