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"...we kissed. Goddess, I miss him."

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"Wow, he looked really, really--whoa!"

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Nursing some minor contusions, and cuts.

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Pondering. "Wonder if Alex decided yet?"

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"Healing downtime sucks. Wishing I'm whole."

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Sitting outside in grass, meditating intently.

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"Tandy, girls night in? Perhaps tonight?"

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Hereos and Sidekicks only!

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On ground, crying, she was mugged.

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It's Time To FACE THE MUSIC. And Don't Forget Your Dancin' Shoes.
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Flyer, "Special Abilities? Need somewhere t'go?"

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Calling Warren from her hospital bed.

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"Tandy, need to talk to you?"

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"I remember what happened to us..."

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Layla had gotten in a lot of good shots, or so she thought she did. Knowing she incapacitated Martini a couple of times, but still...here she was all manner of fucked up. Her hand had a couple of broken fingers, her cheek had a deep knife wound in it, and she had been cut so deeply in her shoulder that they needed to perform surgery to remove the knife that got lodged in the bone. Give her some blood, and watch her because she had been in a comatose state for a long while. Especially since she had been left for dead. Now the house was quiet, and they were working on fixing up the house again. Everyone that got hurt were also taken care of, now...well, now they all had to wait to see if Martini would come back, and they all had to deal with the aftermath. Layla was trying to be strong, and a large part of her was so thankful that Warren had not been there, or else the house would have been gone. Down in a flame-y fit of destruction. Still, she had no idea how he would react now, seeing her so fucked up. The wheel chair was kind of important since she did not have all of her strength back. Layla had to go to the hospital a few times a week to get a check up for the first week, and they also sent a nurse back with her to make sure she could take care of things. Her parents had come to see her, very upset over what happened, but Layla refused to go back home. She had to face her ghosts, and now she just hoped that Warren would not lose it, even though she knew he would. Prepared to use her powers, if need be, to keep the flame thrower a bit subdued, it wasn't just plant growing that she was proficient in.

Sitting outside by the pool, Layla was thinking about all that happened, how she nearly died, big fat tears ran down her cheeks. This was going to be a lot harder then she even cared to admit.
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Warren Peace, I miss you much!

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"Me, Chinese food, alone again, great!"

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"Royal Pain, no wonder why," grimaces.

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"I do happen to love it."

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Chamomile Flowers (Matricaria recutita)
A member of the daisy family. Used to treat dermatitis, minor skin irritations, and inhibits inflammation. In one study it was found that chamomile was 60% as active as a topical corticosteroid cream. Another study using patients with atopic dermatitis, it was found to be nearly as effective as hydrocortisone. German herbalist called it alles zutraut which means "capable of anything".

Chickweed Herb (Stellaria media)
Chickweed is useful for sores, abscesses, skin irritations and rashes. Chickweed contains saponins, which exert an anti-inflammatory action similar to cortisone.

Comfrey Root (Symphytum officinale)
One of the most useful and valuable plants in cosmetics and medicine. The Physician's Desk Reference (1970 p. 956) states that "allantoin (comfrey's active ingredient) has been reported to liquefy pus and necrotic protein thus accelerating debridement of lesions and denuded areas." It is said to regenerate aging tissues.

Green Tea Extract (Camellia sinensis)
From the leaves of the plants dried, cured and extracted into ethyl alcohol. Used in cosmetics to reduce the puffiness around the eyes. Has astringent properties due to tannic acid content. Green tea contains compounds that have an antioxidant effect. It is thought that it has anticancerous effects which have been determined by test tube but not proven in human disease prevention yet. It is thought that the active antioxidants may be able to inhibit the cancer process initiated by the sun's ultraviolet B radiation. AT Case Western Reserve University topical administration of green tea resulted in a reduction of tumors that occurred following UVB radiation.
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