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Layla had looked in her closet, and tried out every outfit she had owned in order to get ready for this date. She even went so far as to have her mother fix her hair for her. Four hours later she was finally ready, and came walking down the stairs to the expectant Joseph, who had been waiting for her in her living room. Hanging out with her parents for the past half hour. It slipped past Layla's attention that he seemed a bit pissy for having to wait for so long, and with her parents nonetheless. Layla was just way too excited to be going out, and with a boy who actually seemed interested in her. With him was Penelope, who Layla could hear laughing and talking to Joe, and her parents all the way upstairs in her room, which was all the way at the back of the house.

So, with a broad smile on her face, Layla finally slipped down the stairs and into the living room with an excited, wild smile on her face. She was feeling edgy, and full of so many emotions at the moment. She had yet to see Warren, if he even decided to show up? She was now worried, genuinely, and intensely worried that he might have left her in the company of both Joe, and Penny. She didn't want to have to split her time with Joe if she didn't have to do so. Since this was their first date, she wanted to get to know him and wanted to get to spend some quality time with him. That would be extremely hard to do if it was him, and Penny both on a date with him. So, nervously she asked all that were standing in the room, "is Warren here yet?" Looking around expectantly. She found that the butterflies that should have been there for Joe were actually there for Warren, which was so odd. Looking up and over their heads, she bit the edge of her glossy pink lips and wrung her hands together wildly as every bad scenario for a first date with another girl flashed through her mind over, and over again. She felt a bit clammy suddenly, and light-headed. Gosh, this was so much pressure! Too much to deal with right then~

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When Warren rang the doorbell just a minute later, he didn't look much different than usual. The only effort he had made was to pick one of his newer t-shirts and jeans, but that was it. Still the same beat-up leather jacket and scruffy boots. Layla has told him to be himself, right? And since this wasn't exactly home-coming...

Warren didn't have a good feeling about this. In fact, he felt like there was some impending doom looming over him. Weird. What, just because he didn't like this guy that Layla was going to be dating, and he didn't really know this loud girl that he was supposed to date? Ugh...

Either way he wiped the frown off his face when the door opened and Mrs. Williams let him in. He'd been there often enough over the past years, and never got away from a friendly hug. He didn't mind.

Ah, yes, there was Joe. He seemed annoyed. Impatient. And there was Penelope. Oh dear. He knew that look. He'd gotten it often enough back at school, from the girls who hoped to get some adventure by getting with the school's Bad Boy, to be the one to tame him. He hadn't bothered with it then, and was damn tempted to just shoot her hopes down then and there and be done with it. But he'd promised Layla he'd go along with this, and he would for the night at least, and... Speaking of Layla...

Holy fuck. Okay, this was bad. Seeing one of his best friends should not give him a lump in is throat, and he should not rather be looking at her than at his own date. What the hell was going on here? When did the hippie get so... well, pretty?

Mentally kicking himself to keep from staring and just look at her normally he did his hello's to everyone. "So, I didn't hear anything about what's been planned."

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Layla was about ready to go call Warren, trying to calm herself from nearly crying since she thought this night would be ruined when the front bell rang and startled the heck out of her. She practically jumped out of her skin, and when her mother opened the front door. Layla stood there, dumbfounded. Looking Warren up, and down once, then twice, then three times. She had to shake it off then, because Joe made a snide comment, looked from her, then to Warren then Penny. Grumbled something nasty under his breath, and ran out the door. Layla looked after him with a wild, weird expression on her face. Then it fell, and she found herself grabbing her throw, and her small purse before running out after him. "Joe!" She called after him, her voice was strained, and she suddenly felt on edge. She could only place her hand on Warren's arm as she ran outside after her date to try to figure out what just happened.

Talking to him in hushed tones, he bitched her out for checking out Warren right in front of him, to which she vehemently denied it. Then she gave him a sudden kiss on the lips, which he pulled away from with a 'don't' bitten out under his breath. Layla apologized up and down, and promised to not even look at Warren for the rest of the night. She wouldn't even give him a hug if it made him feel better? Which it seemed to do, so Layla walked back to the house. Looking at Penny, or to the floor. She spoke softly, almost brokenly. "You all ready to go? The show starts in a couple of hours, I figured we could go get some dinner, this way we all get a chance to talk to one another." She turned and headed back outside, but gave her mother a quick hug. Giving Warren's hand a quick squeeze as she walked by, so that he didn't think she was ignoring him at all. Then Layla was out the door, and standing next to her date. Waiting at his car for Warren and Penny.
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Warren looked after Joe when he stomped out the door. Okay, what the fuck just happened there? Then Layla ran after him, and Warren looked after her as well. He didn't hear the conversation, but it didn't look good.

What? What the hell? Some start for the first date, the guy blowing up and acting like a fucking child? Whatever it was, Warren was in the firm opinion that this guy did not have the right to make any demands on Layla. "And they call me hothead," he said, looking over at Penelope and shrugging. While he had a feeling that he would have to put this girls' hopes down sometime during the night, he had no reason to be rude to her. This was supposed to be a date after all, he might as well act the part. Who knows, he might end up enjoying himself despite himself.

So when Layla came back in he ushered his date out to the waiting car. In passing when Layla squeezed his hand he squeezed back. They didn't always need words to talk. I've got your back.

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When Warren gave her hand a squeeze, Layla's slumped shoulders rose back up to normal. Feeling comfortable with whatever would happen because she knew that he was there for her, at least. Thank the goddess for the Hothead! A hot head she could handle, and that didn't seem to be the same kind of a hot head that Joe was proving himself to be.

Layla slid into the front seat of the car, and sighed. Her shoulders slumped once again as she sat there. Feeling uncomfortable suddenly. She didn't know what to say, or so, or think about the rest of the night. She no longer felt that rush of happiness she had been feeling just days before when she was hanging out with Warren, talking about going out on this date.

But, she asked Warren to come with her, and he did. So, the night had room for improvement, she hoped. Thankful for that little comfort at least. "So, what have you two been up to since you graduated Sky High? College? Work?" She looked at Joe, who still seemed to be simmering a bit, so Layla reached out and tried to take his hand in her own. He seemed to let her take it after a few moments of struggle and reluctance. She took it at face value, and almost pulled away until he folded his fingers with her own. Layla smiled gently then.

"I've been taking some mechanic's courses at a trade school. Not much I wanna do once I graduated, but I love cars so I figured that would be something I'm into." Layla thought that was kind of troubling, considering that he didn't seem to have any direction, or passion, or ambition. Three things that Layla had in spades. He also didn't seem so talkative now that they were all out. He didn't seem to engage anyone, or even Warren. Which Layla found kind of insulting to boot. But she bit her tongue, no use in ruining an already troubling evening. So, Layla turned softly in her seat, looking at the two of them in the backseat. "What about you two?" Asking Warren, because since they hadn't seen each other in a while, she had lost touch with all the amazing conversations they used to have all the time. She hadn't heard from him about what he might be into doing now that they were out of school? She knew he was really smart, but she had no idea where his ambitions, and his smarts would lead him> She was well, and truly interested. Smiling at him, she felt herself blushing before she looked away and kept her focus on Penny. Already breaking her promise to Joe without even realizing it. She felt him bristling, but she had no idea why. He pulled his hand away, and Layla slowly pulled her hands back into her lap. Her face falling, because she had no idea how to fix things.

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Warren on his end finds nothing troubling in Joe's answer. Maybe the lack of ambition, but not everyone was cut out for pursuing some fantastic career. The guy liked cars. Maybe he'd be content with working s a mechanic. He wasn't going to get rich by it, unless he turned out to be exceptional and got into doing custom jobs, but it was a way of making ends meet.

Before he had a chance to answer Layla, Penelope had already launched into telling about her work as a personal trainer, and how she was going to start studying to become a "beauty and health therapist". Warren wasn't sure what that was, but Penelope seemed very excited over it all.

When she finally quieted down and looked over at Warren for his answer, he gave a very short one. "Boot camp and The Paper Lantern are keeping me busy enough." Obviously. Preparing to pick up "the cape" (there would be no cape involved in his costume!) while at the same time more or less running a restaurant? Yeah, he was often very busy.

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Layla only saw it troubling in the idea that he just seemed to want to coast through life with nothing to do. No wanting to do anything, no dreams, no nothing. When he spoke, his tone sounded as if he didn't care about it and he just seemed, and sounded like all he cared to do in life was coast. That seemed both boring, and lazy as hell to Layla. She didn't want a rich man, or someone that was perfect, but she did want someone with some kind of love for life. For some strange reason to her, it seemed to be a big red flag for her.

Layla smiled, liking Penny's overall enthusiasm. She seemed to have a dream, a passion, a love for something in her life. Layla hoped for the best for this woman. She wanted her to succeed, to see her dreams a reality. "Wow Penny, that sounds fantastic. It is great to see such passion, I really hope that all your dreams and goals come true. How does one become a beauty and health therapist? Is that college study, or tech school? How do you apply it? I mean, would you be working with people through a gym? Like helping them to gain self esteem through working out, diet, and beauty rituals like facials, massages, mani/pedi's? Does it involve psych work as well? Like, would you need to get a degree as a social worker, or therapist? I find it fascinating! Would you open up your own gym? Or would it be a multi-purpose sort of space with therapists, trainers, spa workers who specialize in nails, facials as well as other sorts of skin work, reflexology, homeopathy...I know some massage therapists also work on other beauty regiments-- like body wraps and the like to remove toxins. Sorry, I didn't mean to ramble!" She paused, looking embarrassed, but her enthusiasm and interest seemed to just bubble right over. "You can probably apply that to so many different areas too. Depending on your focus," she smiled and blushed looking down to the floor for a moment. "Sorry, so Warren, how do you like boot camp? I have to get my tushy to the Paper Lantern soon, I miss their food. Are a lot of the same people still working there? I used to talk a lot to a few of the waiters, and cooks there. They were some of the nicest people."

Right after Layla had said the word 'tushy,' Joe snorted, and then began to laugh hard. Layla turned her head to look at Joe and she asked with a bright smile, "what is so funny? Did you think of a joke or something?" He then piped up sounding both rude, and a bit mean as he said it. "Who the fuck says tushy!" Laughing even harder after he said it, he shook his head, and rolled his eyes. Layla blanched, but tried to act like it didn't upset nor offend her when he did that. "I don't like to curse, that is all. No big deal," she forced a smile, but it didn't reach her eyes. Turning back in her seat, she looked out the side window then. Trying to not show how much it bothered her. "So, guys what was I...oh, right. We were talking about future goals." she then shut up in order to listen. Thankful now that she didn't have to talk anymore. Waiting for their answers, her voice had sounded a little strained as she spoke, but you would have had to know her for a long, long time to pick up on that slight nuance.

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Warren did pick up on that tone. Nit only had they known each other for the past four years, but he was good at reading people. And yeah, he'd firmly decided by now that he didn't like Joe. The dilemma now was if he should let Layla make her own mistakes - e should hardly try to live her life for her - or if he should try to advice her to make this the one and only date with this guy, and find someone better.

Penelope - exited by Layla's interest - continued detail her life's dream, which was all Layla had said and more. To Warren it all sounded a bit unrealistic. He thought that Penelope probably should try to make a more concrete plan and not try to do everything at once; she was a single person afetr all, and there were only 24 hours in a day. But she had a lot of drive, obviously, and was juggling several independent classes in both healthcare related areas such as diets and exercise, massage and Chiropractic, right alongside things like skin and nail-care, color-analysis (what the hell was that?), and what have you. Really, when did the girl have time to sleep?

Layla knew what bootcamp was like. She was in it, after all. But for mainly Penelope's sake - she did seem interested - Warren did answer. "Take every gym-class and 'Save the citizen', and every practical course from Sky High, roll it up into one and amp it up by ten. I think Boomer designed it to kill us."

"Boomer runs the bootcamp?" Penelope asked, eyes wide.

"Yeah." There was another person that Warren suspected never slept. With being the gym teacher at Sky High and managing the bootcamp. But on to the other subject of enquiry. "We've got a couple of new waiters at the Lantern. Fei Yen had a baby, and we were short staffed even before that. The cooks are still the same crazy gang."

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Layla was already starting to think twice about Joe. She never felt this crazy in the head, this wildly weird, and unhappy before with her friends, or with Will even. No matter what their issues had been, he had treated her kindly, and was very sweet to her when they talked, as well as supportive. His family had been a bonus for the girl, who was very family orientated. It had its bad moments, sure...but, it also had a plethora of good moments, and even great moments too! She didn't know what to do though, true Layla was finding herself sexually attracted to Joe, but all the wonder, happiness, and interest that had been drummed up on their first few conversations was swiftly dwindling here. He was being a class a bonehead!

Layla enjoyed Penny's intensity about all this, listening to her plan of attack intently. Layla had even turned back around so she could look at Penny as she spoke. "Wow, that is a lot of stuff to do. Are you planning to concentrate your semesters like I have, meaning are you going to take up to 18 to 21 credits a semester, as well as time during the summer? Or are you going to try to do less, and go to college longer? I hope to take as many classes as I can during the first year, then I plan to spread it out during the middle years, and then during the last year or so--depending on how many credits I have left over, I plan to do what I did the first year. I also plan to take some electives that are kind of for fun. I have a dance class or two, plus some creative writing, and photography I plan to take over the next couple of semesters. Just because those are things I have always enjoyed, and/or wanted to get involved in for fun. Taking all those heavy course crammers will just drive me insane if I don't break it up with something fun, or enjoyable." She smiled at Penny warmly. She decided she was starting to like the girl a little more now that she got to hang out with her a bit more and talk to her.

Layla laughed softly at Warren's explanation, and smiled brightly at the big lug. "Yeah, I do remember how crazy it was. I mean, he really knocks your teeth down your throat as much as he possibly can, doesn't he? I bet he did, but he just wants us to be the very best heroes and sidekicks that we can possibly be. He wants us to always succeed, because if we lose...well then, evil wins. And we can't have that, can we?"

Layla nodded to Penny's question while Warren answered. "Yes, and Medulla does co run it as well. He makes all the brainy classes, as well as all the weaponry, and other classes we took in high school so hard that you feel like you have to scoop up your brain every night off the desk, and then place it in a jar so that you don't have it leaking out of your ears every day after all your training is said and done. Oh, Warren, did you hear? Medulla is marrying those twins! You know, the ones he met through Boomer! The good, and evil twins. They make some of the hottest models out there look like hags, I tell you. Long legs, long blonde hair, bright blue-green eyes and an hour-glass figure that could stop traffic dead,(she looked a bit starry eyed as she spoke about them. It seemed a bit clear that she found them highly attractive herself, and in a more lusty sort of a way and not just in a sheerly appreciative of the female form manner that most people might think. There was certainly attraction there for the young woman.) He gets to be with them both, how he is pulling this off...I do not know. I do know that Boomer was still peeved off about it too! He really liked the good one, but they both seem to be 100 percent into mister brainiac. May be with some female interaction in his life he might calm down a bit with all that pomp he tends to show off with. May be now Zach might have a better chance of passing this boot camp session this time around. This is only his third time trying. Now, now we just need to get Boomer a girl, and he might relax some as well. What do you think?" She asked with a giddy smile.

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"Oh yeah? She had a baby? That is so awesome! I need to send her a card, and fruit basket. She always wanted a baby, I am so happy that she finally got her wish. That is so great! And you did? Huh, I need to get over there, get to know these new waiters. And they are? That is so awesome, I should go there and bring them some fruit, and veggies. They always loved it when I brought them over fruits and veggies from my garden. May be I can get some of those pickled beets that Mr. Yen's wife makes. He would always give me a couple of jars every 6 months. My dad loves the stuff like burning, it is so cool." She turned back around in her seat, and looked over to Joe with a smile. He turned his head to look at her, and gave her a wink, and a sort of leering look that Layla thought he must think was his smoldering look, or something along those lines. She thought he must have thought it was his attempt at flirtation. She smiled at him even though it was a bit on the uneasy side.

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Warren's eyes widened a bit at the news about Mr. Medulla. "He's marrying both of them? Huh... I can't decide if he's one of the most lucky men alive, or one of the most unlucky." Two wives, and twins to boot? Try keeping up with that. And when they teamed up against him in fights, which Warren was absolutely sure would happen... Yeah, Medulla might be just as unlucky as he was lucky.

But this also explained why Boomer was grumpier than usual. Warren was pretty durable, but when even he was sore as hell when driving home after a day, that was a clear sign that it had been on ehell of a day.

"Hippie, there's not a single girl I want to subject to being paired up with Boomer." He grinned at his friend.

Warren didn't quite know what to make of Penelope as he listened to her further explaining her ideas. She seemed like a really nice girl. Pretty too. But the way she looked at him? It was almost some sort of hero worship there, only he was well aware that he wasn't regarded as a hero. He wondered what she saw. Probably just that guy who everyone thought was going to follow in his father's footsteps and become a villain, but one night fought to save the school on the homecoming dance all those years ago. The bad boy that wasn't totally evil, but you never know. In any case, it was a look he didn't like, that almost made him downright uncomfortable. Because he was sure she saw lonesome that wasn't him at all. With an inward sigh he wondered where they were going, and how long it would take to get there.

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Layla smirked at Warren's reaction to the news, and let out a soft laugh. Nodding her head. "I know, right! I couldn't believe it either when I heard it, but it seems to be the truth. Isn't that just wrong! Well, I would think it would be the women that were lucky here, they both get to boss him around now. If they are happy, then what can you do about it? I mean, he is the smartest man in the entire world, right? I mean, he has used cold fusion to power those jet packs we use. Not even the smartest men in the world could claim something like that, which means he probably is worth a butt ton of money. So, if they are both marrying him, and I would hope it would be for love, but I am attempting to not be so naive as to believe that that is what they are truly marrying him for, and trying to go with the real facts here...it is probably for that large nest egg of his that he has earned. Hopefully, they are all happy with what they have chosen and just go from there, right?"

"Awww, no one? I mean, Boomer can be a pain in the butt, true. But, he is a good guy overall. Don't you think?" Layla kind of melted at that grin of his, and grinned back at him.

Layla turned back toward the front of the car, and told Joe that the turn for the restaurant was coming up very, very soon. the turn was a left, then a right and soon they were right in front of this really nice, but not expensive Italian restaurant. "Okay guys, we are here. I hope you like this place! It got a five-star rating and it has been written about in three different magazines. Supposedly, the family that owns it came up from New York City, where they had a very, very lucrative, and very well love family restaurant. I hear their desserts are to die for, and I know they have a vegan menu, so I can eat here as well. I hope you all enjoy it," she said warmly. Trying to smooth over some of the awkwardness she had been feeling, and experiencing on their very short drive here. She felt bad for Warren, not sure if he was okay with Penny, but thankful that he was at least being nice. He seemed to be okay, so Layla was at least thankful for that, plus he seemed to be playing nice for her sake. Which made her even more thankful, and happier that he was there for her.

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The second they were out of the car Penelope had latched onto Warren's arm, smiling that huge and adoring smile that Warren decided was definitely making him uncomfortable. But he didn't see a reason to be unkind and push her away, still in the mindset that he'd behave if nothing else than for Layla's sake, even if he didn't like Joe one bit.If he had stopped to think about that - that he was making an effort for his friend and not for his own date - really thought about it? Then that might have told him a thing or two about himself.

But right then and there, he wasn't that introspective.

Still, as they walked into the restaurant, he had the distinct feeling that sometime during the night, he'd have to pull Penelope aside to have a talk with her, that this - tonight - was all that was going to happen. He really wasn't interested in pursuing anything with her, and was now absentmindedly trying to come up with a way to get that across without ruining Layla's date in the process. So until he came up with something, he'd just have to play along.

The restaurant looked very nice when they got in and showed to a table for four. It was a habit developed from years at the Lantern, watching and almost judging how they did things. Little details and such. That thing over there really worked, the style of the place was good. Good spacing between the tables. But that waiter three tables over really ought to tie his shoelaces before he tripped and dropped his tray.

Warren took a seat at the table without pulling out a chair for Penelope. She seemed to have expected that he would, but found herself quickly enough and sat down beside him. Still dealing with his problem of how to let the girl down somewhat easy, Warren dived right into studying the menu as soon as they got them.

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Once they were all out of the car, Layla gave Warren a sweet, happy smile, but it sort of faltered the second Penny grabbed onto him. They both walked into the restaurant really fast while Layla was standing there watching them with a dumbfounded look in her eyes. Quickly she cleared her throat as they walked inside and she noticed that Joe was nowhere to be seen. Seems he snuck into the restaurant right before Warren and Penny did, leaving Layla outside on her own. So, she bent over to fix the strap on her shoe then quickly ran inside to join all of them.

Once she sat down next to Joe, he asked what happened to her? She managed to not blush a bright red when he stared at her, and it seemed accusatory in nature. Layla just smiled a large, bright smile toward him and she shrugged softly. "My shoe almost came off, the so I had to fix it. Wow, doesn't the food here look great?" She asked as a buffer, doing her best to ignore Joe's bullshit about her and Warren. "I think I am going to have the Lasagna, what about you two? What are you going to get?" Looking up she noticed the semi scowl that Joe was getting and Layla managed a return scowl back as she gently shook her head and looked back at her menu.

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"Yeah, looks great," Warren said in agreement. As for Penelope, it was hard to tell if she was talking to her three companions or to herself, but it seemed that she was having trouble deciding what to eat since it all seemed just soooo good! Warren didn't have this problem, and quickly decided on the Ossobuco, but he was a bit reluctant to part from his menu. But, as Penelope seemed busy with hers he put his aside, just in time to catch the exchange scowls between Joe and Layla. Hey, did this mean that he could start being rude to the guy if he deserved it?

"That's it! I've decided!" Penelope suddenly closed her menu with a snap and a big smile on her face. "Fettuccine carabonara it is!"

Well then, with three having decided at least, Warren turned a bit in his seat to catch the attention of a server, and he'd just managed to do that when in the corner of his eye he was that waiter with the untied shoe trip and stumble and drop a couple of full glasses from his tray. Yep, Warren had thought so, hadn't he? Well, their serves still approached.

"Ossobuco, and water," Warren said, placing his order. "You guys?" He looked from Layla to Penelope, completely ignoring Joe. If he wasn't ready to order yet he'd just better get there quick.

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Layla smiled brightly to the server, being as sweet and gentle as she was normally. She thought everyone deserved to be treated kind, and caring until they showed that they really, really did not deserve it any longer.

"Hi, Micheal, is it?" He nodded and smiled back at her. Finding her smile kind of infectious. "May I please have the vegetarian Lasagna from the vegan menu? Also, can I please get a diet coke with some lemon wedges on the side and an order or fries, please? Thank you very kindly, Micheal. Penny? Joe?"

She put her menu on top of Warren's, giving Warren a tender, caring smile which Joe also caught. Yet, by now, Layla no longer cared what Joe caught from her and what he chose to infer from it at all. Since he also thought Layla had been flirting with the waiter as well.

"Warren, remember that Italian restaurant we went too when we were in Connecticut that time? Remember how bad it was? Oh golly! Remember the pizza Genta, and Zach ordered and the sauce tasted like ketchup and the cheese smelled like it was burned plastic? Remember that disgusting Pasta Alla Carbonara that Will got that looked like it was put together from the dumpster out back. Coach Boomer got food poisoning too! Oh...and Mr. Boy. He actually got so sick from the fish he ordered and after he called their waiter over--he got sick all over her! Oh wow, I can't recall them ever rounding all of us up so fast and getting us back on those buses as fast as they had? And the motel they had us all staying in? That place was a nightmare! Remember the pool! OH wow!" She began laughing, remembering how nasty that pool water was even though it was completely full. There were empty cans of beer in it, and some plastic water toys, and all that debris like the leaves and such.

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"Yeah, I remember that time, seeing as I was the one who had to haul Boomer down from the motel-room to the cab when he decided that he needed to go to the hospital. At least Boy had the sense to be sick in peace and quiet after that incident with the waitress." The crooked smirk of Warren's face was perhaps not the nicest, but thenhe did definitely remember that disastrous school trip.

"Hey, I heard something about that!" Penelope chimed in. "Didn't something happen to that hydromorph in your class, Warren?"

"Yeah. Vanessa. She made the mistake of going for a swim in said pool. While she wasn't risking drowning, it's not that easy to get a panicked hydromorph out of a body of water. They're... slippery. Took both Stronghold and me to get her out of there. Heard she went into therapy when we got home."

Date: 2011-10-29 01:24 pm (UTC)
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"Oh golly! I forgot all about that, you were the more mature students out of us all that had gone. No, wait...there was that other guy that came with us, but I wouldn't call him mature as I would call him too old to be in his senior year. Didn't he get left back like three times or was it four? The one that was totally in love with Will! Do you remember him? He was completely infatuated. I think he even offered to taste Will's food for him because we were all teasing him that the waiter was trying to poison his food because they got in the argument about the drinks, and the bread bowl. I think we all pigged out on that bread too, since it was the only edible thing there. I actually remember it being really good bread too, which was completely weird for what the rest of the food looked like!" She began to laugh really hard right then because it had been such a funny night all around. Nodding and laughing about Warren's comments about Vanessa. The waiter had left at that point without Joe's order, but would come back about 5 minutes later to see if he was ready, thinking that he may be needed to give him some time to think on it?

Layla stopped laughing when she got a really dirty look from Joe. Who had decided that for the rest of their night at the restaurant he was going to just sit there and fume, as well as scowl and not say anything to anyone, not even the waiter when he tried to take his food order. Layla just gave him a look, sighed, and rolled her eyes. "Um, Micheal, may be just bring him a bowl of pasta? Whatever your best special is perhaps? And a coke, also can you just bring us a couple of pitchers? One of water, and one of coke, and one of diet coke, please? That would be just fantastic!" She said with a warm smile, then looked back to her date, leaning in she whispered in his ear, but it was in hushed tones with hints of intense anger laced within. The only thing that could be heard that she said was, "you are being a real bull-headed jerk right now!" She said in a hiss. Not really caring at this point if he got mad or not. He stood, knocked over his seat and stomped to the bathroom. He would return about 20 or so minutes later a bit more repentant and slightly less grumbly.

Date: 2011-10-29 02:38 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] wartheflame.livejournal.com
...go, Layla! See this was why Warren refused to handle her fights for her; she was more than capable of doing that, herself.

He shook his head when Joe got up and stormed away, and glanced over at Penelope who was looking down at he lap, apparently embarrassed over her cousin's behaviour. Well, at least the dude had the decency to come back before the food arrived, but only just. The 'greeting' he got from Warren was a raised eyebrow and a look. You for real, pal? it seemed to say.

But now there were food, and food did tend to raise the spirits. And in contrary to the restaurant in Layla's and Warren's tales, the food here was excellent.

Date: 2011-10-29 03:21 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] herohippielayla.livejournal.com
Layla took a hearty bite of her food, and made a very happy sound. It came out like a moan, but she really didn't think about it. "Wow, this place is so right about it's 5 star rating! I must come here again at some point and try everything on the vegan menu. Just like I did with the Paper Lantern," she stared brightly. Now fully ignoring her date for the moment. He was trying really hard to get her attention, by being both nice, and gentlemanly. Handing her the pitcher of diet soda even before she asked, wiping the side of her mouth where she had gotten some sauce there. He even placed a tender kiss on her cheek, and whispered in her ear that he was sorry. She gave him a look, it was a side-eye sort of a look. Then she gave him a small, but warm smile for his effort. Not completely sure if she was buying the new him just yet! She would have to wait and see, but she tried to give him props and points for being a bit better mood wise. Plus he was being much nicer toward her, and even Warren. Layla supposed that he had never been bitched out by his dates before for the overly jealous behavior before, and later on when Layla and Penelope had a moment alone, Penny actually confirmed this for her. So, there was that, she supposed. She did go about ignoring him some more while they ate, she figured he deserved it, especially after how he treated both herself, and her best friend.

Date: 2011-11-24 05:07 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] wartheflame.livejournal.com
Warren really didn't trust this "reformed" Joe one bit. Too much, too sudden. Too much sucking up. But, it was better than the bitchy and sulky Joe, as it gave the rest of them some peace.

But hopefully the guy would take this to heart and learn some damn manners. Particularly if Layla decided to go out with him again.

As for Warren's own date, well... While he was finding Penny to be a pretty nice and friendly girl, he had already decided to not go out with her again. The question was only if he should tell her that at the end of this night, or call her up and tell her later.
From: [identity profile] herohippielayla.livejournal.com
Layla eagerly finished her dinner, and when she was done she excused herself to go to the bathroom, which Penny invited herself to go with her eagerly.

Once in the bathroom though, all she did was talk about Warren. Going on and on about how she liked him, how cute he was...then she rambled about Joe, and how much he liked Layla. How jealous he was of Warren's relationship with her and how he got like this with all his dates. Being so jealous of anything around them that took the focus off him.

Layla was kind of ignoring Penny's comments, sort of listening to what she said, but not really. Then Penny caught her attention with a touch to her arm. Then both of her hands were waved in Layla's face. Then she almost shook Layla before Layla could snap out a, "what?"

"Warren? I am going to ask him out to the upcoming Halloween dance. I know he will say yes! I can feel it, but what kind of costume should I wear? I want us to look good together! Have you seen how he looks at me? I so know it is meant to be!" Layla just stared at her, gaping at her. A flash of jealousy hit her suddenly. But Layla pushed it away hard, and fast. Swallowing thickly, she looked to her purse for her lipstick.

"Penny, be...you know War...well..." she sighed. Then turned to her. "Listen Penny, you are great, you are. Just, Warren is a bit hard to get, but...it's not that! I just mean, he kind of likes to stick to himself. Keep that in mind." Layla didn't know why she said all of that, but she couldn't stop the compulsion. Suddenly, Penny got pissed off with Layla and sneered.

"Well, you are wrong! He likes me, I know he does! You are just jealous!" She was steamed, making her kind of run out the bathroom door, bitching about Layla as she left. Layla kind of heard a little bit of it. "Probably a virgin too!" Layla took in a deep breath to calm herself, but a second later she realized that she kind of didn't care what Penny, or Joe thought of her, about them, she knew that Warren was one of her best friends, and he cared for her no matter what. That made her smile. Then puff out her chest a bit.

"Their family needs Valium in their water supply," she mumbled as she came toward the table. Sliding into her chair with a smile.

Date: 2011-11-24 05:40 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] wartheflame.livejournal.com
The girls came back just as the waiter had cleared the table after their meal and came back to take orders for desserts.

Warren and Joe had been sitting at the table in an uncomfortable silence while their dates had been gone, neither of them saying anything, but rather glaring at the other. That is, Joe had been glaring at Warren, which Warren had countered with a raised eyebrow and a disdainful and arrogant look in return. It was obvious that the two young men did not like the other, and made no effort to hide it when they were alone.

But so the girls came back, and the men shifted focus. Warren know that his focus should be on Penelope, but... Eh, he just tried to be his laid-back self, which meant talking just as much to Layla. They were best friends, after all, it wasn't anything strange about that.

Date: 2011-11-24 05:55 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] herohippielayla.livejournal.com
Layla sat down, and smiled at Penny, then Joe. Looking to Warren then, "so, War, what are you getting for dessert?" She asked with much enthusiasm. Turning to Penny with a smile, she tried to ignore what had happened between them in the bathroom. Trying to shift focus to something less confrontational.

"Penny, what about you? Oh, I've been meaning to tell you that I really love that lipstick on you. Does your nail-polish match it?" She indicated to her nails, trying to make it like a peace offering of sorts. Lifting her hand to Penny as if she wanted to check out her nail polish.

Last, but not least, she turned to Joe with a smile. A little bit of wicked was mixed in with that smile. Which, was so unusual for Layla. "And you, Joe? What are you going to order? Or did you want me to do that?" Yeah, she was tired of his shit, so it was a small jab at him earlier. Looking toward Warren, Layla gave him the faintest of smiles, and a little wink. Hoping he wouldn't be mad at her for poking at the lazy cobra when it has been threatening to bite all night long.

Layla decided that her best course of action was to order herself some Tiramisu, since it sounded delish and she could eat it. "I know what I'm getting," she said with a smile. Closing her menu, Layla waited for the waiter to come over to their table. Letting everyone else choose what they were going to get as well!

Date: 2011-11-24 06:08 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] wartheflame.livejournal.com
Even as Penelope was eagerly discussing desserts with Warren, he couldn't help a smirk at Layla's comment to Joe. That might ruin the peace and calm they had settled into during the meal, but it was still well-deserved, he thought.

Then Penny claimed his attention again. Really, what was he going to do about this girl? He was still trying to behave, be nice, but he shouldn't encourage her either.

The waiter rescued him from that as he arrived to take their order. "I think I'll swipe your idea about the tiramisu," he said to Layla, and went ahead on ordering that. Penelope happily chirped in her order for a chocolate and cherry pennacotta.

Date: 2011-11-24 06:27 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] herohippielayla.livejournal.com
When Penny didn't answer her, she sucked it up and tried to just roll with it. Figuring this night was a bust, and so was this dating Joe. Man, she rather be alone that with a knuckle head of epics proportions here.

Joe looked at her, and not really getting her implied sarcasm about ordering his dessert, he actually thought she was trying to make her own peace with him. Since, this was the kind of behavior he was used to from girls, may be it was because he was such an insane jerk that all of his dates did nothing but aim to appease him as much as possible to keep the peace. Happy that he thought Layla was coming around. He suddenly threw his arm around her neck, pulled her toward him hard and kissed her lips. Doing everything, and anything in that moment to keep all of her attention on him, and only him. When Layla went to pull away to sit back, he pulled her closer and made her stay there. Murmuring in her ear, and such. Joking back with her about her ordering his dessert then.

"Yeah, order it for me babe. I like that you are being sweet to me, I knew you'd come around," Layla blanched and looked at him with disbelief in her eyes, but he didn't catch it. That, or he ignored it. Going back to kissing her passionately, pretending his cousin and Warren were n't there. She kind of flailed a bit, and her face was now stuck in perma 'what the fuck' mode. Yet, she didn't say anything. Wanting to keep the peace still, and make everyone happy. Especially, Penny and well Joe to get him to stop being such a dick the whole evening.

"Right, so...I'll just order us both Tiramisu," he grunted to her in response, but said nothing of import. To busy kissing over her jaw a bit. He was really beaming now, and it just made it more comical to Layla and more what the fuck too!

Date: 2011-11-24 06:35 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] wartheflame.livejournal.com
...was the guy completely fucking clueless?! Didn't he see that he was making Layla uncomfortable? His expression visibly darkened as he had to sit back and watch that. Penelope seemed uncomfortable with it as well, but she also looked at Warren. Jealousy seemed to run in this family, but at least the girl was better behaved about it.

But seriously, Warren was wanting more and more to speak up about what kind of a fucking idiot Joe was being. But, 1: he didn't want to fight Layla's fights for her, 2: he didn't want to bother the people at this honestly wonderful restaurant and cause a scene, which he would, and 3: he was still trying to play nice. But his patience was wearing thin.

Date: 2011-11-24 06:47 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] herohippielayla.livejournal.com
Layla finally managed to shake him off of smothering her, because as long as she kept her hand on his body--Joe felt like he was winning here and that he finally got the girl. And that the girl would do whatever he wanted for him to be happy. Layla was just trying to be able to sit back, and relax, as well as still breath.

The waiter arrived, and Layla leaned over to grab her menu to show the waiter what she wanted. She also set it up to knock Joe's drink onto his lap in the hopes that he would have to run to the bathroom to clean it up. Therefore giving Layla some space to breathe. So, as she was leaning over, her hand on the menu nearest Joe suddenly hit his soda glass and knocked the whole icy contents into his lap. Layla gasped hard, putting a hand over her mouth in mock shock.

Joe cursed, and caused a small scene, but ran to the bathroom to clean up. He honestly tried to get Layla to go back there with him to wait, but Layla had to put her foot down on that, which made him give a start, then pout. Running to the bathrooms with his hands stuffed viciously into his pockets as he ran to the bathroom. Once gone, Layla sighed happily and smiled at Warren. "Yay, a small reprieve, so War. Uh, once this dinner is done, wanna see if he'll take us back to my house? We can play guitar hero?" She asked him, beaming.

Date: 2011-11-24 07:14 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] wartheflame.livejournal.com
"I can go for that," he said, leaning back in his chair as he sipped ffrom his soda. And, it did not go unnoticed that Penny had moved closer and closer over the past few minutes.

But yeah, hanging out at Layla's place sounded good. Though preferably Joe and Penny would not stick around. If it was just Layla and him, then perhaps the pair of them could finally relax.

Date: 2011-11-24 07:21 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] herohippielayla.livejournal.com
Layla smiled at him, sitting back in her chair as she sipped her own soda. If Penny was going to ignore her, and be up Warren's ass--Layla figured that she would just ignore her right back. Now, now Layla was pretending that she and Warren were out on a date.

--Not like that! Well, not completely like that, anyway!

"Yeah? Sweet, I am so going to kick your tushy this time. Been practicing. Oh...ohhh, you should totally sleep over, War. Mom is making her favorite pumpkin spice pancakes for breakfast. She might even make your favorite coffee drink, she just went out and bought all the ingredients. I told her you, and I were going out tonight, and she made me promise to tell you!" And it did not go unnoticed by Layla that Penny was giving her the stink eye, especially when Layla asked him to sleep over. To Layla, she was used to it. They slept over each other's places all the time.

Date: 2011-11-24 07:31 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] wartheflame.livejournal.com
This was definitely tempting. Breakfast at the Williams household always tended to be a bright affair, relaxed and fun. And Mrs Williams definitely knew how to cook.

He didn't miss that Penelope tensed up at this suggestion. Obviously she wasn't too happy about this idea.

...heeeey... This could be his way out! If he just continued acting clueless about this jealousy, and kept up having fun with Layla, maybe Penny would back off?

"Yeah, maybe. We'll see how late it gets." Yep, Penny didn't like that one bit.

Date: 2011-11-24 08:02 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] herohippielayla.livejournal.com
'"You got it, I am going to call mom and let her know that you might be coming over tonight so she can prepare the quest room for you. Oh, she got some new books too! She wanted to share them with you, she said there were one or two of them that might pique your interest." Turning to penny, she smiled a clueless smile. Feeling anything but clueless about how Penny felt about her, and about Warren and acted like things were just normal.

"So, Penny? Do you like to read? Warren here can voraciously read at least a book and a half in one day. May be even two books depending on the length and author. It always got to me, because we could sit down and read the same book just chilling together. And within a few hours he was already done. I just don't get that reading thing people do that helps them speed read, I tried it and I felt like I picked up less of the story than I needed...how about you?"

Their desserts showed up, and Layla made an 'mmmm' sound, then dug into her food with an excited smile.

Date: 2011-12-01 11:34 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] wartheflame.livejournal.com
"Um, I don't read so much," Penny said, apparently deciding to move past her jealousy. Or at least try to. "I'm so busy with my studies and all. But I've read the Twilight books!"

Warren chose not to comment on that. Because while he was trying to come up with ways of, well, get this girl off his back, she didn't deserve him being a complete ass to her. So he swallowed his criticism of her taste in literature, and focused on his dessert. It really was quite good.

Date: 2011-12-02 09:27 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] herohippielayla.livejournal.com
Layla choked on her spoonful of food when she mentioned the Twilight books. Layla quickly looked to War, then to the drink of water on the table, which she picked up quickly to take a drink. Swallowing down her own criticisms.

Thumping her hand against her chest a bit, Layla then cleared her throat. "Golly, wrong pipe, sorry about that," she then faked a smile that reached her eyes. It was a wide smile, and she nodded. "Ah, really? I have yet to get around to them myself. I hear they are quite interesting? Did you enjoy them, I hope?"

Date: 2011-12-04 06:46 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] wartheflame.livejournal.com
Aaaand there she went off, gushing over how romantic she thought the books were. Go Team Edward!

Warren couldn't help but to make a face, though he quickly gathered himself and went back to focusing on his dessert. Layla had on more than one occasion had to listen about him ranting over those particular books. Oh, he had read them. He read so many books, after all. But he'd absolutely hated them. And, go Team Edward. For fuck's sake, if there was even one remotely good character in those books, it was Jacob.

Date: 2011-12-04 07:11 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] herohippielayla.livejournal.com
Layla didn't make fun of people, since it was wrong and all. Yet, she kept nearly laughing, not at her, but at how romantic she thought those crazy books were. Not wanting to laugh at the poor girl, or to make her feel bad. Layla could only nod her head, and smile. It was a semi crazy smile, but she smiled and acted as nice as she could manage. Wanting to be supportive here. "Right...really...wow, well, very interesting," she could only bring herself to say. Almost choking on her drink, or her dessert every time she spoke up about how the vampires were, or how awesome Bella and Edward were together, or how bad ass the were-wolves were," Layla could feel her I.Q. being leeched from her system.

"I'm glad you are enjoying them, really...I am more of a classic vampire story lover myself." She said quickly when Penny started to insist on her reading those books, and how much Layla would love them. How amazing Edward was, and how broody, eccentric, and romantic he was when he came into her room at night to watch her sleeping. Layla wanted to flip a table, smack the girl a few hundred times, then burn every one of those damn books herself.

Date: 2011-12-04 07:34 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] wartheflame.livejournal.com
Well, if there was any doubt in Warren's mind that he didn't want to see this girl again, this got rid of that. Not just because of her apparent crappy taste in literature, no. He read a lot, sure, but he wasn't a snob about it. Peoples tastes varied, and all that.

No, it was that Penny seriously seemed to think that Edwards actions in those books were romantic. What the hell? Yeah, because stalking someone, breaking and entering to stare at them in their sleep was romantic? No, that was fucking wrong on so many levels.

Finishing the last of his tiramisu, he really hoped this date would be over soon.
From: [identity profile] herohippielayla.livejournal.com
If Warren knew, Layla was sitting there hoping and praying the same exact thing! That was when what Penny told Layla in the bathroom suddenly came out for the whole table to hear. Penny was so chuffed because it seemed that Layla was really listening to her about those damn books, and because Penny must have seen some sort of corelation between Edward, and Warren there--may be it was the broody, eccentric behaviors, which Layla could see if she squinted really, really hard. But those small facts must have given Penny some sort of support in order to ask. Turning to Warren, with a look to Layla right before she did so that said to her that Penny was doing this here, and now in front of Layla to prove to her how much Warren liked Penny...and to have Layla back off? That was the vibe Layla seemed to catch from that look, as well as her demeanor just then.

Sitting back in her seat, Layla wiped at her mouth and waited for the inevitable question toward Warren. The whole supposed knife to Layla's back.

"So, Warren, I was telling Layla in the bathroom that I was so going to do this--you'll go with me to the upcoming Halloween dance, right? I mean, I can just tell we'd have a really hot time!" She asked him, beaming. Layla turned her head away from them both because--well, what if Warren did say yes? What if Layla read this whole situation wrong? Suddenly, she was feeling so not secure like she felt back in the bathroom. Sliding out of her seat, she slipped out the front door into the cool night air. Joe watched her go with a scowl on his face, since that one simple reaction of hers seemed to set into stone that whole fact that she was flirting with Warren all night long since they met up at Layla's place. He stood and stormed off to the manager, or their waiter to demand their check so he could get the hell out of there. Layla was suddenly thankful for the cold air, even though she hated being cold as it was, since she seemed to be just like her plants when it came down to it. Having left her jacket, and purse inside the restaurant with the rest of them. Layla brushed her hands through her hair, and closed her eyes. Just trying to not think about Warren exclaiming yes to Penny, and then wrapping her in some tight hug before he jammed his tongue down her throat!

Those thoughts made Layla growl deeply.

Date: 2011-12-04 08:12 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] wartheflame.livejournal.com
Layla really shouldn't have worried.

First came Joe, bursting through the door, sneering at her and stomping off towards his car. Then came Penny, hands over her face to try to hide her tears, sobbing quite loudly. The two cousins threw themselves in their car and quickly drove off, leaving Layla and Warren behind.

Shortly afterwards Warren came out, stepping up to Layla to drape her jacket over her shoulders. "Looks like we're walking home."

Date: 2011-12-04 08:17 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] herohippielayla.livejournal.com
Layla looked at Joe, then Penny with big, wide eyes. The way they ran out of there, and then into his car to...wait, what the fuck?! "Hey!" She yelled, but not even loud enough to be heard, since she actually could really care that they had just left them both there by themselves.

Turning to Warren when he appeared with her coat, and purse in his possession, Layla gave him a 'what the hell just happened' look?

"Okay, walking huh? But, why are we walking, what did I miss?"

Date: 2011-12-04 08:21 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] wartheflame.livejournal.com
He shrugged. "I have no idea what Joe's problem was, but then again he's been acting like a complete asshole all night, so I really don't care. As for my dear date, well..." He let out a short laugh. "She really had way too high hopes, that girl. So when I informed her that I was not going to any dance with her, and wasn't looking for a second date either, she started crying."

Date: 2011-12-04 08:24 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] herohippielayla.livejournal.com
"Ahhh, well yeah...Joe is, for lack of a better term, an asshat of the umpteenth order. I agree. As far as Penny, she told me in the bathroom that you have been into her all night long, and that when I told her that you probably weren't, but not like that, just told her how you kind of are--she got really mad at me and stormed out of the bathroom." Layla couldn't help but to feel some sort of relief here though. Except, it was very chilly out, and she wasn't dressed all that warm. She was going to dread walking home this evening, but at least she got a chance to hang out with Warren!

Date: 2011-12-04 08:34 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] wartheflame.livejournal.com
"Yeeeaah..." Hadn't he guessed it? The girl had been seeing what she wanted to see. "Maybe I should've been my usual unfriendly self from teh beginning?" He grinned at her.

It was going to be a fairly long walk home, no question there, and it was chilly out. Warren hated cold weather, but it wasn't that bad. And he definitely had warmer clothes than Layla did. And... He looked down at her feet. Was her shoes going to be good for this?

Anyhow, if they just kept on moving they should be fine. And if he needed to carry her, he would.

"You okay?"

Date: 2011-12-04 08:49 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] herohippielayla.livejournal.com
"Well, at least she has good taste, right?" She said with a smirk. "Well, I kind of like the mix you've come up with, being both your unfriendly old self, and this slightly more genial you that you have got going for you now..."

She rubbed her hands together while blowing on them, and then she folded her arms across her chest nice and tight. Nodding, and smiling. Putting up a good, solid front. "Yeah, sure," she almost stopped to pull off her sandals to walk barefoot. It would be much colder, and more of a chance of scraping up her feet, but less of a chance of breaking her ankle or really getting blood blisters all over her feet.

Date: 2011-12-04 09:00 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] wartheflame.livejournal.com
They walked for a bit, but after a while Warren decided that, nope, this was not going to work. Geez, women and they choices of clothing... But then they hadn't really counted on being stranded, so he couldn't fault her for it.

He stopped and pulled off his jacket and held it up for her to slip into. "Here. I'm warmer than you are." There would be a discussion about it, of course there would be. But he wasn't going to budge.

After he'd gotten her to put the jacket on, he moved in front of her. Reaching his arm up and over his shoulder, he patted his palm against his back. "Hop on. No discussion; you'll be bleeding before we get home otherwise." Yes, she was getting a piggyback ride. And really, he didn't mind.

Date: 2011-12-04 09:11 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] herohippielayla.livejournal.com
She bit her bottom lip, because she really just wanted to grab that jacket out of his hands and run with it. She couldn't though, because it was cold out, and he needed a jacket too. "You may be, but you are also a human being, and cold does get to you too! I am fine, I am," she lightly chastised him, while trying so hard to not let him hear her teeth chattering.

When he stepped in front of her and told her to climb on, Layla burst out laughing. "Why do I suddenly feel like I should be yelling, Mush!"


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