Jun. 1st, 2014

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Are you 18+?:Yes, in my 30's
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Name: Layla Williams. Character 1
Fandom: Sky High, Movie
Age/Point in canon: Point in canon: Layla is 19 going on 20 years old now. She is in a college down in North Carolina. Gilmore College-studying Botany and Agriculture. Taking classes on the side in Aromatherapy, Ayuerveda (Indian Medicine), Homeopathy, Naturopathy and Natural Medicines. She is a freshman, going on being a sophomore. She is on the school's swim team as well. She takes yoga and Pilates, she rock climbs and takes Survivalists holidays with her mother and family when she has time. She had to leave Maxville because things with Will had not worked out, he decided to go with the Stronghold Three, leaving Layla feeling bad. She decided a college out of state would be her best bet. She travels home for holidays, if she can, and when there is team business to take care of under the Commander and JetStream. That is if she is needed.
Journal: Makeapplejuice
Played-by: Danielle Panabaker
Reality your character brought with them (if this reality exists in game already, please reference it): Maxville, USA which is a made up town, like Gotham is to Batman. It is where Super powered humans are a normalcy. Plus, she goes to a college called Gilmore in North Carolina where she had a fling with their Basketball coach, Lucas Scott, for a year. Until she landed here.
Example: Lily Evans brought with her Marauder-era UK/1978 Hogwarts

Will you allow a second version of your character?: No
Will you allow reuse of your PB?: Yes
Will you allow a significantly AU version of your character?: No

Extra for OCs/AU versions

Character Profile and examples: )


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Layla S. Williams {Sky High}

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