Mar. 17th, 2011

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Layla had just moved to the City, after a few days of checking out the sights of the city. The hotel she had stayed in was wonderful, and all the college related things she had checked out made her feel like this was the right choice for her to move here. At the mixer they had for college students, and newcomer's Layla had met a really amazing girl. This girl actually reminded her a lot of her best friend, Magenta. So, Layla and Paulie had really hit it off and talked all night long that night. When Paulie had told Layla that there had been a guy or two that she thought that Layla would really like because they seemed to have a few things in common with her, plus from Layla's descriptions of both Will, and Warren from back home, the girl thought that Layla would really find some sort of match in them.

So, here she was now dressed to the nines in a Sapphire blue mini dress, with matching two inch, strappy heels on with her waist length hair cascading down her back, with her natural waves accentuated with a very pretty bright-red lipstick on. Layla made her way from the college dorms to the small restaurant located in the center of the Natural Museum. It was the perfect setting, and Layla was very excited. She ordered a sweet tea, and settled in at one of the tables with a view of the door. The first half hour went by, and she chalked it up to possible traffic. Although, if she were new to the city, and still on time for this date--well, there was no reason that he couldn't be on time as well! Layla tried to chalk it up to any type of college based woe, like a last minute issue with a paper, or test studying, because she didn't want to think that she had been stood up. When that half hour turned into an hour, she began to worry. Pulling out her phone, she called Paulie to double check her time, and date, both of which were spot on. So, Layla thought to give it another fifteen minutes, and then she would leave. Looking across the place, she noticed another person, a guy who also kept looking at the front door toward the center of the museum just like she kept doing. Layla frowned to herself, it looked like her woes were becoming an epidemic, her heart went out to the fellow. Ordering another sweet tea, Layla reconciled that once this was finished, she was leaving. Already embarrassed, and slightly upset that she was stood up. It would have been nice for her to meet some other people while she planned to live around here. This was proving to be a difficult task. Without realizing it though, Layla's thoughts kept turning to the guy across from her. Wondering who he was meant to meet? What time? What interests drew this supposed meeting together, and so on. Those ideal thoughts seemed to help the time pass, at least.
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Who: Layla and Warren (for Wartheflame)
Where: Romance dressing room, the City, Warren's place.
Why: She made dinner and is hoping to get to reconnect with Warren.
When: Set a few weeks after her original stay with him, looking for her own place to stay with Warren's help. No matter how awkward it might have been the first time around due to forgetting there were other people in the apartment, that were of the male persuasion, and nearly seeing things, or walking out of the bathroom at awkward times. Thankfully, quick reflexes saved them both on those occasions. J/K LOL
Status: Incomplete.
Rating: Pg-13

Layla had made Warren some Fettucini Alfredo, and herself a nice salad along with some tofu for herself. She had worked long and hard on this dinner, wanting it to be perfect. She wanted a chance to get to talk to him, something she felt she hadn't had much of a chance in doing since she got here. So, she was really excited to say the least. Taking a shower, she put on some sweats, and waited patiently for him to get back from whatever it was that he was doing. Watching television, and reading one of his books while she waited for him to get back.


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